Post operative instruction

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Post operative instruction

  1. Relax for the rest of the day.
  2. Do not scratch the head at any time as it is important that germs are not transfered from your fingers / hands to the donor or recipient sites as this could cause infection.
  3. Avoid strenuous exercise for 7 days following the procedure.
  4. Do not turn the head in the up side down position on the day of the procedure or two days following the procedure.
  5. Do not expose your head to strong direct sunlight for 14 days following the procedure, we recommend you wear a hat/cap when going out in direct sunlight for two weeks post procedure and avoid sunburn on the head for two months post procerude.
  6. Sleep on your side or back but not on a stomach.

Washing Instructions

IMPORTANT : No highly chemical based products such as hair colour, hair laquer or sprays etc should be used on the head for the next month.

The day of procedure – Spray the recipient site with the hydration solution every 1-2 hours following the procedure (while awake).

The 1st day following procedure – Spray as above and wash the DONOR site only (where donor hairs come from) with medical soap.

The 2nd day following the procedure – Begin to wash the whole head with medical soap twice daily for 10 days (very gently for the first 7 days and then with a little more vigour after 7th day) Wash the recipient site only, use the palm of the hand very softly with lukewarm water.

Begin using Monoxidil (Regain 5%) on the7th days folowing the procedure.

When will you see new hair growth following your procedure?

Please note it is normal for some or all of the newly placed hairs to fall out within the first 4-6 weeks. They will then go into a reasting phase and 15%-20% will begin to come through the skin at the end of 4th month. You should then expect an additional 20% (approx) to come through each month following that. Please do not expect to see your full 100% growth before the end of 10th month and sometimes afull 12 month are required.